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Laboratory Test

The lab test will be carried out by ISO certified PT. Hydrocore’s laboratory in accordance with ASTM/BS/EN ISO standards specified in the Scope of Work. The laboratory will be equipped with high quality, high-end technology equipment exceeding the ASTM / BS / EN ISO / AS / SNI / NF / GEOSPEC specified accuracies, conducted by experienced technicians / engineers with continuous training.

All hydrocore laboratory measuring instruments have been calibrated according to KAN Standard.

The laboratory has been intensively used for large scale geotechnical project works particularly oil & gas projects and reclamation projects, with continuous inspection and supervision from the Clients and internationally recognized geotechnical consultants. The high quality triaxial tests will be carried out using computer automatic controlled system on large triaxial cells thus no trimming on the specimen will be required.

Our Laboratory

The Facility

  • Laboratory area of 180 m2 with temperature controlled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Storage room of 15 m3 with >95% humidity controlled & 00 – 150 C adjustable temperature controlled.
    GDS fully trained engineer & technician.
  • Edge technology of equipment with less operator intervention.
  • QA/QC controlled with ISO 9001 certification.

The Advantage

  • Fully automatic controlled GDS triaxial system, up to 4000 kPa confining pressure and 1 mm3 volume change accuracy.
  • Automatic controlled of oedometer & direct shear test.
  • Triaxial cell accommodating up to 85 mm diameters.
  • Longitudinal splitter of shelby tubes as per ASTM 4767 paragraph 6.2 to avoid sample disturbance (compression) due to extrusion

The Service

1. Onshore :

  • Index properties (specific gravity, particle size distribution, atterberg limits)
  • Engineering properties (triaxial CU, consolidation, direct shear, permeability)
  • Chemical (sulfate, chloride, carbonate)

2. Onboard :

  • Moisture content
  • Unit weight
  • Triaxial UU
  • Pocket penetrometer
  • Torvane
  • Miniature vane shear (minivane)

3. Onsite Laboratory : in advance onsite laboratory